Saturday, August 7, 2010

Summertime Fun II -- Playgroup and FingerPainting

One of the most fun things we've done this summer is join a playgroup with a bunch of mommies and kiddos from our church. Actually most of them are members of our adult fellowship class Titus II. We generally meet up once a week and do all kinds of creative activities. This group has been such a blessing to me because sometimes I need just a little extra motivation to get out of the house on these hot summer days and find some new experiences for Anthony. Building friendships with these other young moms and having the pleasure of Anthony's socializing with their kids has been the perfect motivation! He has a blast every time we go (and so do I!).

On this particular occasion we went to our friend Jill's parent's house. It's not too far from us at all! I was just amazed to see that some people actually have properties with big trees and lots of shade around here! (Since I grew up on 3 acres to run around on, I was beginning to think no one here in Dallas had this (unless they were far, far away from the city, but I was mistaken!!!) They have a trampoline, an (air-conditioned!) playhouse that Jill's dad made for her when she was a little girl, tree swings, and tons of room to roam. How fun!

An overview of the backyard...We all brought our blankets and had a picnic after the kiddos had worn themselves out! Look at all that shade!

Anthony bouncing on the trampoline with his friends

Adorable playhouse (I think Anthony felt all grown up going inside). Everything was perfectly child sized to make it extra fun!

Anthony "cooking"

Checking the oven--"Almost ready"

Here are the cookies he and his friend Izzie "made" :)

"Eating some pickles...yummy!"

Okay, this is what Anthony did 90% of the time we were there! I joked with Jill's mom that if that lawnmower had blades on it, their entire yard would have been cut!!! ;)

more mowing

and more mowing

and MORE mowing!!!
I had to tell him we'd come back another day to play with the lawnmower just to get him to say goodbye!

One hot and sunny day at home I had the bright idea of making some home made finger paints! Anthony helped me make them, but unfortunately it was SUPER hot by the time we got outside, and all our shade had gone away! Anthony still loved it though...I just don't understand how the heat does not bother kids when they are having fun!!! I think I may have used too much dish soap because the paint was a little thick, so I'll have to try again to get it just right! Of course, Anthony didn't know the difference!

mixing blue and green (we only made two colors)

"Oh yeah! I love getting messy!"

hard at work being creative

posing for the camera

"This looks about right"

getting his feet in on the action too

I love this face

Ha! Had to get a picture of this! He wiped or scratched his neck and there was paint all over it! Poor baby, it was just so hot! You can see how sweaty he is!

Sweet boy, painting the day away

Look at his hot and sticky hair! I love this though! I think it was like therapy for him!!!