Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lucas' 5 Month Pic

These pictures were taken mid-June as well. It's hard to believe my sweet newborn turned into a five month old seemingly overnight! The first 3 months were a blur of busyness with round the clock feeds and sleep deprivation, and now that I'm really enjoying every sweet moment, I feel like he should only be about two months old!!! But here we are--not even a newborn anymore!!! Lucas has had this huge smile on his face practically nonstop since he first started smiling. He is so good natured and laid back. He's very active, but he's also content to lay back (in his bouncy seat, of course--still a favorite) and take it all in. He loves, Loves, LOVES watching big brother Anthony!!! And, as you can see, his hair still sticks up--what's not to love about that?!?

big 5 month old

he kept leaning forward...I was so scared he was going to nose dive off the couch while I was trying to get this picture!

loves being on his tummy now that he can roll over!!!
When he's trying to keep up with Anthony he can just roll to where he wants to go now! It's so cute how he pivots while on his tummy too. Anthony is running circles around him, and he just stays on his tummy and uses his arms to move his body around to face whichever direction Anthony happens to be playing in! Haha!