Monday, June 17, 2013

A Real Train Birthday Party

On Saturday, March 9, 2013, Anthony celebrated his 5th birthday by going on a "real" train ride!  He decided that instead of a party with friends, he wanted to pick a special friend to join him for a day-long adventure.  It couldn't have been a more special day!  We had so much fun!  What I love in allowing these boys to choose their party theme is that they get to be completely immersed in whatever it is they love for an entire day...and this day was all about REAL trains!!!

Anthony was thrilled his cousins could come in town to celebrate with him...
James is a train-lover too!

The kiddos watched a "train" veggie tales movie after they woke up while the grown ups got everything ready for the day.

a few dance moves got the boys all warmed up and ready to go!

finally friend audrey arrives!
these two have been best buds since they were in diapers!

we loaded up and drove out to grapevine to board the vintage railroad train to the fort worth stockyards

the kids had fun running around on the tracks before we boarded

quick family photos on the train

justin, james, mandy, reese

michelle with the birthday boy

here's the whole fam...

even michelle and josh got to make the trip down--
we were soooo happy to have them join us!
thanks for making the effort, guys!

kid picture

they were all looking forward to the ride

can't believe how big these little ones are getting!

the conductor doing his last minute checks as we board

getting all settled in

josh and michelle

justin and mandy

dad and mom

mar and me

look at these itty-bitty cuties!
elle and reese are just a few weeks apart in age--both are close to turning two!

james and lucas are so excited to watch out the big windows

lacey somehow got the "seat of honor" with all the children!!!  :)
it made the day even more fun having our good friends the headleys with us!

the kids quickly discovered there was a snack station on the train...

of course, popcorn was the number one snack!

sweet elle and her daddy aaron

audrey was kind enough to share her skittles with anthony--
who then proceeded to eat the entire bag!
(we owe you one, audrey!)

audrey gives great hugs...

that's what friends are for...

...until it becomes one hug too many!  haha!  ;)
(i thought this picture was hilarious!)
we love audrey's affectionate and tender heart!

back to laughing!
silly faces!!!
well, they have to do something to entertain themselves!  
it was about an hour and a half ride each way!

even the itty-bitties get in on the "silly face" action!

me and my birthday boy!

we finally made it to the stockyards!
anthony wanted a "longhorn" balloon hat as soon as we arrived

we went right across the street to feed the animals!

the kids loved this part, especially the baby goats!

their smiles say it all...

they probably could have stayed here for hours!

lucas still laughs about this goat "eating" his shirt, months later!

we stopped to have some bbq for a quick bite to eat

look at these sweet munchkins--
i can't get enough of them!
this family has my whole heart!

lucas seems to be attacking someone with his horns...
who could it be???

agh!  it's uncle josh!!!
watch out, uncle josh!  you just might get mauled!  ;)

my sweet five year old is having the time of his life!

anthony was sooo excited when he found out i had made the strawberry cupcakes he'd been wanting for weeks!  he saw a picture of them in a martha stewart cupcake book, and he just HAD to have them!  he almost decided to have an entire "strawberry" birthday party, just so he could be sure he could have these!

i had to quickly assemble the cupcakes at the restaurant...
i modified the icing a bit to be able to transport them, and it was so warm outside that it was beginning to slide right off!  (i don't think he noticed!)  haha!  ;)

make a wish, my love!

sweet reese enjoyed her cupcake!

looks like little elle enjoyed hers too--love those chipmunk cheeks!

THIS face makes it all so, so worth every minute!!!

a quick ride on the merry-go-round before re-boarding our train

the conductor comes around to punch our tickets

once again, james and lucas are glued to the window!
(i don't think i got a single forward facing picture of james while on the train!  he was enamored with being able to see what we were passing outside!)
so glad you enjoyed it, james!

anthony opened some of his gifts on the ride back to grapevine.
he loved these new drumsticks from meme and papa

he was thrilled with this HUGE box of lucky charms!!!

he thought his new stomp rocket was sooo cool!

whoa! spiderman bubble bath!!!

back at home, it's getting dark, but the birthday continues with a few more presents...
check out these cool claws!

meme and papa gave him this awesome electronic drum set

can you tell he was a little thrilled???

and, yes, he received his very own guitar, too!
he is in heaven right now!

and last, but not least, his biggest gift was a brand, new big boy bike!  wow!
(but, it looks like he's more enthralled with the construction cones that came in the pouch!) haha!

thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who helped to make this day extra special for anthony!  it's over three months later, and he's still talking about what a great time he had--he even brags about his "real train ride" to strangers at the grocery store!  ;)  we loved each and every one of you being a part of it!