Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Post Birthday Hanging Around

Here are some of our favorite pics from the rest of March...

anthony trying out his new bike

all the kids found something to ride for a walk to the park

the day my sis and her fam had to leave, we grabbed a quick lunch out in downtown mckinney
these two (anthony and james) were big buddies

and lucas was a meme's boy

mandy, we loved having your sweet family here

(sun in our eyes)
we had a yummy lunch, then walked around for a little bit before we had to head back

two stinkers...

plus two stinkers....

equals FOUR stinkers!!!  :)

check out these crazy silly faces--i think james wins the award!  ;)

mario was in honduras for the week, so my mom got to stay a little longer and hang with us!
one day after shopping at the container store, we stopped at the purple cow for lunch

this is "color by number" in a 3 year old's mind--very literal!  ;)

oh yeah--
we made another trip to downtown mckinney for some shopping since we didn't have a lot of time here earlier in the week

i appreciate the fact that my mom loves browsing the stores here just as much as i do!
we bring lots of snacks for the kids, and sometimes take turns watching them outside

there's a little petting zoo at the farmer's market

we love our downtown--so much to see and do

the boys found some hay on the ground to feed the animals

group shot!
i bought some tamales, and my mom bought some rosemary

lots of lovin' from these little guys...
i'm trying to soak it all up!

these two love each other so much!

and I am SOOOO in love with both!

back at home, anthony told us he was building honduras!

toward the end of the month, a little friend time with the headley girls

they all love their "special shows"

and "mrs. headley" has quite the creative eating setup, so they can all see the tv!  ;)

it was such a fun few weeks, and never a dull moment, of course!
next up--our easter fun!