Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter morning this year was a blast!  The boys had loved the scavenger hunt that I did for them on Valentine's Day so much that I decided the Easter Bunny should do a scavenger hunt as well!  We placed our dyed eggs in their special Easter baskets on the fireplace.  I told the boys that hopefully the Easter Bunny would come replace their dyed eggs with treats while they were sleeping!  I kept saying, "We'll check the fireplace first thing in the morning to see if there are any treats in your baskets."  

While we were getting ready for church, the boys woke up and found us.  They had forgotten all about Easter!  I asked if anyone had found any treats in their baskets, and off they raced to the fireplace!  

This is what they discovered...

They came running back, slightly disappointed.  "Mom, all we got was one egg," Anthony said.  I asked, "You mean your baskets are missing???"  He replied, "Yeah, our baskets are gone, and all we got was one egg."  "Hmmmm," I mused, "well, did you open it?"  

Anthony's eyes lit up as he popped open the egg.  "It's a note!" he yelled.  "Mom, can you read it for me?"

I had printed off the CUTEST scavenger hunt from the Happy Home Fairy.  It was just perfect for the ages the boys are right now.  It ended up being about 8 hiding places.  They had to think about the clues and figure them out, but none of them were too difficult.  They ran all over the house from my closet...

...to the refrigerator

I think there was an egg in the microwave, on the couch where they watch their "special shows", in the bathtub, etc.  They LOVED it!!!

They finally ended up finding their Easter baskets in the dryer!

Of course, they thought THAT was HILARIOUS!
(Brought to mind a few good memories too...thanks, Mom and Dad!)

They moved their baskets back to the fireplace to dig into their spoils!
(Notice their adorable "Thirty-One" Easter baskets!  I purchased them from my sister, Mandy, who's a new consultant for Thirty-One products!)    :)

Anthony had already gotten himself dressed for the day in his garbage truck t-shirt and sweat pants.  I told him we'd have to wear something a little nicer to church today.  ;)

After church we headed over to the Tremaine household for a beautiful lunch and some quality time with the Tremaine and Dolezal families.

Jan and her older kids planned a HUGE egg hunt for the little ones!

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun they had!!!

Lucas makes quite the reach under the table!

Anthony is working hard trying to fill his basket.

Upstairs, downstairs, all over the house--these boys are on a mission!!!

nice one, anthony!!!

When they got done, they filled a big bowl with all their eggs and got to fill a baggie with their favorite candy.

Look at how full this basket is!  I think he's thinking about all that candy!!!  ;)

When the excitement from the egg hunt died down, Jan got all the little ones together to review the true Easter story and what it means for us today that Jesus is alive!  Thanks, Jan!  It was all just precious and so much fun!!!

In all the busyness of the day, I forgot to get a family picture or a picture of the boys in their handsome Sunday clothes, but at least we had fun celebrating!