Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kickin' Back in April

We had a pretty laid back month in April--didn't take a whole lotta pics.  Here are some of our favorites...

Occasionally, we walk across the street to eat at Culver's and rent a movie from Family Video.

Just look at this pitiful face--tears streaming down!  I have no idea what he was so sad about, but he has his Stray Jim to comfort him.
(And, for those of you wondering, that's orange marker on his face--not a huge scrape!)

snuggles with Daddy are always welcome

A bubble bath with a HUGE amount of bubbles!  These are from Anthony's new Spiderman bubble bath he got for his birthday--thanks, Aunt Michelle and Uncle Josh!

The boys had a blast at friend Caleb's fire station birthday party!

such a sweet group of friends

they even got to explore inside a real fire truck!

Hikes with Daddy continue to be one of their favorite Saturday morning activities on the days I work

These two are growing like weeds!!!
(I love Anthony's mismatched socks with his crocs!  Haha!)

Lucas and Stray Jim help me run errands on Tuesdays after we drop Anthony off at school.
Stray Jim has become quite the little buddy for Lucas!
(and yes, he came up with that name all by himself!)