Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Week Before Anthony's Party

It was fun-filled and a little busy--the week between Anthony's actual birthday and his party.  Meme and Papa were in town, and in addition to Anthony's school party, the boys had some other things going on...

Lucas took a walk down to the park with Papa one morning while Anthony was at school.  Both boys love posing on this huge rock.  They call it the "gum" rock, because, well, you guessed it--it has a ton of old dried up gum stuck to it--yuck!

the boys joined some of their buddies for friend ainsley's bounce house birthday party

Anthony dressed up for "Western Day" at preschool.
His costume included the new light-up Woody boots that Meme got him--how cool!

look at that handsome little cowboy

Anthony alerted me that morning that he would prefer to go by "Tex" today...
alrighty, then, Tex--have a fun day at school

Ms. Jenna is decked out in her western attire as well

in the evening, meme and papa take anthony and lucas to the mall for a merry-go-round ride and some chick-fil-a

the next day, another walk with papa, and another pose on the "gum" rock
notice the cowboy boots again--i think he wore those every day for 3 weeks!

Next up....Anthony's Train Birthday!!!  Stay tuned!!!


Mandy said...

I LOVE the picture with You and TEX! So cute!