Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Partying at Preschool

On Tuesday, March 5, Anthony had his birthday celebration at his school at the end of the day.  He had been looking forward to this for weeks because he had seen several of his friends have their classroom birthdays.  He kept telling me that the BEST PART was that the birthday boy or girl gets to STAND ON A CHAIR while the rest of the class sings to him!  Well, wait no more, Anthony...today is your special day!  :)

Anthony helped me make "dirt cake" for his party

my mom found the lollipops at hobby lobby--they are so cheerful

he wanted to wear his new train shirt i painted for him with--oh yeah--number 5!
(i guess it's too early in the morning for pictures)

there's that smile!  i said, "show me how old you are now!!!"

we got to the school while the kids were still on the playground, so we had time to set up

anthony specifically requested a dirt cake with a green lollipop and a green gummi worm!

his teachers had this sign hanging on the board--so thoughtful

oh--here's his big moment--standing on the chair!
(that's sweet ms. lisa to the right)
he told me, "mom--it's the ONLY time i get to stand on a chair at school!"

we definitely had to capture this on video!!!  :)

he was so, so proud to be the birthday boy

he found his green gummi worm--
i think the worms were the best part for all the kids!

one of anthony's friends was absent, so lucas got to have a seat at one of the tables and pretend to be in preschool too  ;)

and this smile makes it all worth it!
happy birthday, anthony!!!