Monday, May 13, 2013

Anthony Turns Five!

On March 4, 2013, Anthony turned five years old!  I can't believe the time has gone so quickly!  We had a low-key fun day since we had spent the day before at Six Flags.  

per our usual tradition, we started our morning with birthday doughnuts!

chocolate doughnuts with sprinkles are still their favorite!

i think he's just a little bit excited!

Mario had to work, so Meme, Papa, and I took the boys to the park

they had a ton of fun climbing, sliding, and burning off that energy!

look at all this sweetness

playing drive-thru

while they played, i got to catch up a bit with my parents--
the weather was just perfect...a beautiful day!

anthony picked fuzzy's tacos as his restaurant of choice for dinner

i think it's mostly because they love this silly fish

but i definitely wasn't complaining...
i'm a little obsessed with their brisket tacos

meme gave anthony one of his gifts early--a new flashlight!
(yes, lucas got one too!  haha!)

sweet little boy smile

this boy loves his meme--
they have a special bond...maybe because he was the first grandchild

lucas, would you like a little quesadilla with that sour cream???

i think anthony is thoroughly enjoying his taco

these boys really look up to their daddy these days

and i really look up to my daddy as well!!!  :)

back home, we let anthony continue the celebration by opening up a few gifts before bedtime

he doesn't need much help anymore

just love his excitement

oh boy!  a new train shirt!!!
(he wants to ride a "real" train for his party this year!)

oh, and this frog puppet from nonna was a big hit!

officially named "little frog, little frog"

My sweet firstborn, happy 5th birthday!  I can't believe you are growing up so fast!  I am so, so proud of who you are becoming.  It is very apparent that you love God with all your heart, and that is all I want for you all of your life.  One of your strengths is a unique sensitivity to the things of God, just like your Daddy.  I hope and pray that continues to grow as you get older.  You have a smile that puts a smile on the face of others--people have been talking about your smile since the day you were born.  It truly lights up the heart of anyone who sees it.  You are joyful; you LOVE life!  You talk a LOT these days--you always have something you want to show me or tell me.  I am amazed by your creativity and artistic ability.  You make unique color choices and blend chalk and paint like I never would have thought to do.  You still love music, instruments, trucks, trains, and digging in the dirt.  You are very, very smart, young man!  It's not just your biased momma who thinks so--your teachers told me you were in the top of your class!  I am so excited about how you love to learn!  Next year, homeschooling you two days a week for kindergarten will be so much fun!  Anthony, I love having you in my life.  You bring our family so much joy.  You are our special gift from God.  Enjoy your birthday, my angel boy!  We love you!