Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Six Flags Adventure

In early March, we took a trip out to Six Flags on opening weekend!  Meme and Papa were in town for Anthony's birthday, and the weather was so, so nice.  It was such a great time of year to go--before it gets sweltering hot!  We didn't take too many pics because we were too busy having fun.  Here are the highlights...

walking up to the park pulling our little red wagon

meme and papa took the boys on the merry-go-round first

sweet anthony

little lucas

posing in front of the batmobile

i don't even remember the name of this one, but anthony wanted to ride it...
it ended up being one of his favorites

we all rode the mini mine train together

afterwards, mario tried to take anthony on the bigger mine train.  he's over there getting measured on the left.  if he stood up tall, his head skimmed the bar, but the worker said he didn't make the cut!  :(  he had such a great attitude about it though!

a picture of the big teacups--the boys' favorite ride of the day.

here they are inside the cup...all smiles!
meme and papa took them on this one while mario and i ran off to ride a couple of grown-up rides!

they met wile e. coyote, but they didn't know who he was...
they look a little confused, don't they?  haha!

anthony LOVED the antique cars.  he was very careful and very serious about his driving.  he would barely turn his head for this picture!  as soon as we got off this ride, he told us, "now i can drive a REAL car on the real street!"  haha!  nice try, buddy!

here's lucas driving his little blue car--so fun!

we all had such a great time!  thanks for taking us, meme and papa!  we enjoyed it so much and hope you'll come back to do it with us again next year!