Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lots of Lovin' in February

Here's a quick overview of our February...

we went to IHOP for a free short stack on "national pancake day"!
the kids thought that it was so fun to eat pancakes for dinner!!!

mario got on a ladder to take this photo of anthony's chalk artwork...
from left to right -- top row:  daddy, mommy
(he said, "mommy, i made you so beautiful" -- my heart melted!)
middle row:  anthony, james, lucas
bottom row:  aunt mandy, uncle justin
(sorry, i guess he forgot about little reese!)

my friend lacey hosted our playgroup valentine's party this year...
aren't her decorations so cute???

the kids loved decorating (and eating) their heart shaped cookies

about half of the party group winding down watching a show

anthony had a valentine's party at school too
they exchanged valentines and ate special cupcakes

some of the moms had organized games for the class
pin the nose on mickey was fun!

sweet ms. jenna even helped lucas participate

there was a mickey bean bag toss too

lucas loved hanging around his big brother's preschool class for the day

and they got to choose a duckling to win a prize
they had a blast, and all the kids came home with two brown bags that were bursting at the seams full of valentines, candy, playdough, popcorn balls, art booklets and more!

on february 14th, i made a scavenger hunt for the boys using heart shaped clues!  they LOVED it, and this was their treat after their final clue led them to daddy's shower!

lucas was supposed to be napping in our closet, and when i walked in my room, i found him in this position on our bed!  haha!

and this--well, you just have to see it to believe it!  a squirrel decided to randomly attack our birdhouse we had hanging on our fence!  i'm not quite sure what he was looking for, but i don't think he found it--it's a little disturbing!  haha!  maybe he was just wanting to chew on the twine...