Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rounding Out January

Just a few extra reasons we had some more super fun in January...

dressing up for friends' Taylor and Hudson's superhero birthday party

having some art time at audrey and elle's house with crayons, markers, and stickers

playing dress up...
why, hello, "mailman" and "fireman"--our superheroes of the day!!!

anthony's "a little culture" art show at preschool--
here he is posing next to his work

His work is entitled "Chicken Pants"
each class did artwork inspired by a different famous artist

one homework assignment anthony had was to decorate a teddy bear using different mediums.
later that week, all the kids dressed up as explorers and went on an excursion to find the "missing" teddy bears!
so cute!

and some time after lucas' birthday party, the boys got to take this city scene outside and decorate it to their hearts' content with crayons, markers, and paint!

What a great first month of the year!!!