Friday, August 17, 2012

Keeping Cool Indoors--July Edition

Here are some fun, crazy, and cool things we've done for fun in the past month or so...

hungry, hungry hippos has been played regularly at our house lately

hungry hippos along with candyland are the most requested family games before bedtime

cheesing it up for the camera

one afternoon we made cornstarch and water goo
(aka "oobleck"--name taken from a dr. suess book)

the boys picked their what color they wanted their "goo" to be for our science experiment

i know i made this stuff at some point in my own childhood, but i can't remember where or when

it results in a suspension that sometimes acts like a solid and sometimes flow like a liquid--
you have to try it to understand it--
it's super fun to play with...and kindof a stress reliever too

it was a good opportunity to talk with the boys about the differences between liquids and solids

good thing clean up is a snap--just wipe up with warm water!!!  yay for easy to clean messes!!!

later that evening we made "squid dogs" for dinner
just stab some spaghetti noodles into pieces of hotdog and boil for a few minutes

how can you NOT play with your food???  ;)

and finally an updated picture of some of our playgroup friends!!!
we met for lunch at chickfila!
what a fun time...we heart our friends!!!


Mandy said...

Mel! I'll have to try the squid dogs! Haha