Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summer Swim Lessons!

Mid July we had the opportunity to have Anthony do swim lessons with Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis is a friend of ours from church--she is an AMAZING teacher! What a treat! He had so much fun and learned a TON!!! We already can't wait to do it again next year!  Maybe Lucas can take some lessons next summer as well.  We did a mommy & me class with Lucas after Anthony's two weeks were finished, and he loved it!  I don't have any pictures of it, though, because I was in the pool with him!  Here are some of the highlights from Anthony's classes...

Anthony's best friend, Audrey was in his class, along with a new friend named Ryan

Anthony practices his floating

he was all smiles throughout each lesson...
he and audrey had lots to giggle about--
mrs. davis sure kept them laughing

Anthony working on his big kicks
The most difficult part for him was keeping his kicks horizontal instead of letting his feet drop and doing the "running man" in the water!  We'll keep working on it!

Mrs. Davis also had a swingset in her backyard that Anthony, Audrey, and Lucas loved to play on before and after class!

Lucas was such a patient little boy throughout the lessons.  He mostly sat right next to me and ate snacks, played games, or read books.

One day as we were getting ready to go into Mrs. Davis' backyard for lessons, the garbage man was in the neighborhood.  He asked me to move the van since he was having trouble squeezing out of the alley.  He noticed Anthony was fascinated with his truck and asked if he wanted to pretend to drive it!  Ummm, YES!!!  He loved it!

during week 2, anthony floats all by himself!  he's getting better!  way to go!

look at these sweet goofballs!
we had so much fun seeing the headleys almost every day for two straight weeks!

these boys adore their audrey!
Thanks, Mrs. Davis!!!  We can't wait until next summer!!!