Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Adventure Begins...

This summer, Mario and I decided to take a vacation--just the two of us--up the east coast. My parents graciously offered to have the boys travel to Memphis to spend the week having some fun there.  So, July 25th, Mario took Anthony, Lucas, and me to the airport so we could board our Southwest Airlines flights to Little Rock.  The plan was for me to fly them there to meet my parents (since southwest doesn't fly straight to Memphis), then they would take them, and I would turn right around and fly back to Dallas so that I could fly out with Mario for our vacation the next day.  The boys were THRILLED to be going on an airplane!!!  We had everything all packed up and ready to go...

We had to wake the boys up early to get to the airport on time

here we are at the dallas love field airport, heading to the terminal

daddy can't come through security with us--
we are on our own!

everyone say, "bye daddy!"

they were so excited to wear grown up seatbelts on the plane

alrighty, they are ready for takeoff!

once the plane started moving faster than expected, both boys got quite serious

but, it wasn't scary--just loud!

we only had to walk a little way in the little rock airport before we found meme and papa!!!
meme had even packed a special treat bag to keep them occupied on the drive back to memphis!
meme asked anthony, "what do you want for lunch?"  anthony's reply???  "WAFFLES!"  so, waffles it was!!!  ;)

the boys didn't even look back!  ;)
i'm pretty sure they are in good hands!!!
more to come...stay tuned!!!


rachel said...

SO EXCITING!!!! love the plane pictures-such an adventure!!! can't wait to read about your trip!!!!