Friday, August 17, 2012

Hotel Night!

After we got back from Memphis, my parents came right back down to Dallas after us. My dad had a work conference at a local church, and so my mom hung out with us all week. It was so fun! One evening, my mom suggested they keep the boys at the hotel so Mario and I could celebrate our anniversary, which was June 25th--the big #7!  We didn't get any pics on our date, but here are some pics my mom took of the boys' time with them at our house and at their "slumber party" at the hotel!

these two love reading and snuggling with their papa

riding the luggage cart at the hotel...
brings back some great memories of doing the same as a little girl :)

swim time at the pool! 
what a great idea, meme!!!

time to settle in for bedtime

and they're out!!!
(don't you just wish it happened this quickly?  this was after several hours of talking, giggling, and all things silly, i'm sure!!!)

thanks, meme and papa for the much needed gift of a night out!
happy 7th anniversary, honey...
i love doing this crazy life with you!  ;)