Friday, August 3, 2012

Hanging Around in June

Just a few of the ways we are enjoying the summer...

playing outside
(right after breakfast, of course!  otherwise, it's just too hot!)

best buds

playtime with friends audrey and elle
(they were all trying on the hairbows i made for my niece reese)

playing doctor

the boys' new favorite show is "doc mcstuffins" about a little girl who fixes broken toys

mickey gets some medicine to help him feel better

treats from the ice cream truck

jam sessions with daddy


Aaron, Lacey, and Audrey said...

LOVE your new blog header pic! And the picture of them in bows ;) Anthony is so sweet to Elle! Audrey is so glad he's back, the first thing she told me after I picked her up from Sunday school is "I saw Anthony" :)

The Mamminas said...

thanks, lacey...we miss you guys! can't wait to catch up friday night. anthony IS sweet to elle...but i promise it wasn't the "choke hold" it looks like! haha!