Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Baby Turns Two!

On January 17, 2012, Lucas turned two! I can't believe it...my baby is growing so fast! His birthday fell on a weekday, so we celebrated with a few of his favorite things...

my sweet lil punkin-head with his "bickey mouse", caterpillar, and "bunny"--all his friends he sleeps with every night. how could you not love being greeted with this smile every morning???

special treat--doughnuts with sprinkles for breakfast!

anthony enjoyed his doughnut too!

this is lucas saying, "I'm two" and trying to hold up two fingers

sweet little munchkin

we made a special trip to the mall later for a chickfila lunch--lucas loves their chicken nuggets

anthony loves drinking out of a "big boy cup"

then it was time for a merry-go-round ride

we sure had fun!

he didn't want it to end

show me your silly smile!

anthony's silly smile

later that evening we went to chili's for some more food and fun...
here's mama with her birthday boy

daddy and anthony looking very manly

lucas got to open a present from nonna and nonno
what could it be???

a new mickey mouse movie!!! he was thrilled!
And here are his 2 year stats from his check-up at Dr. Goebel's office--
weight 21 lbs, 4 oz (not on growth chart)
height 33 1/2 inches (30th percentile)
Lucas is doing so great--he loves life, he loves to laugh, he adores his brother--still copies everything Anthony says and does. He has a HUGE vocabulary--we just can't get over how he speaks in full sentences most of the time. He is very independent--he loves the phrase, "I do it". He is a fantastic eater--of course, fruit is still his favorite. He is a great sleeper, still about 12 hours a night. He is still in his crib. He never slows down, not even when he's sick. He loves to tease everyone in the family. His favorite TV shows/movies are the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Cars movie. Lucas is a great helper around the house--he is a big helper when it comes to chores. He loves throwing and catching balls, but his favorite activity of all is probably wrestling with his daddy.
We love you Lucas! How blessed we are to have had you in our family for two years!!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for you!!!