Monday, March 19, 2012

Starting off the New Year with Some Fun!

These boys know how to have a good time! Here's how we started off the new year with a bang...

some floor time with daddy--they LOVE having daddy's undived attention!

we had some beautiful weather in january! we spent a morning playdate at gran's house! (thanks, jill!) anthony and caleb enjoy pretend food and technology.

lucas grabs his share of the food as well! see the trampoline in the background? the boys LOVE jumping on it, especially if there are balls to bounce around. we did some swinging too, but i forgot to get any pictures of that. :(

the kids got a special treat--feeding apples to the horses!

although climbing the fence was just as much fun to these boys!!!

they did a great job!

here are the kids from the group that were able to make it that morning...
back row: taylor, hudson, anthony, joshua
front row: caleb, kason, and lucas

the boys went hiking with daddy one day when i had to work

they love being outdoors! and big boy lucas can keep up these days all on his own!

just a little entertainment for your watching pleasure...

they love seeing themselves dance in the reflection of the fireplace! and these days, it's all about "watch this" and "look"!!! they are so proud of themselves! :)