Saturday, April 28, 2012

February Overview

our february was pretty low key.  we had some fun with friends, celebrated valentine's day, and enjoyed the mild weather outdoors.

we had friends caleb and audrey over for lunch

anthony and audrey have been such close friends since they met...
audrey is a sweetie pie who loves to hug on anthony

the boys open their valentine's day cards from nonna and nonno

lucas' mickey mouse card sings the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song, and anthony's cars card sings the "life is a highway" song from the movie

amazingly enough, now it's april, and the cards have been played with so much they look like they've been through a war, and THEY STILL WORK!  amazing!

anthony gives lucas a ride on his lawnmower

these boys love being outdoors

they play really well together outdoors--all grins, and (bonus!) they run off tons of energy!

there's the occasional tussle over a toy
(we ended up having to get lucas his own lawnmower!  the boys love mowing the yard with their daddy!!!)

anthony is a big helper pulling up lots of weeds and carting them off in his dump truck

who is this handsome big boy???

their friend chesed came over for a visit one evening...they got to watch a thomas movie

i finally opened the pottery barn kids table we got for the boys.  of course, they enjoyed the box more than the table!  i think they fit every toy they owned into the box and then sat on top of it!  :)  what fun!  silly boys!