Friday, April 20, 2012

Wrapping Up January

Well, yes, I know it's April already, but we've got to wrap up January sometime, right? Better late than never!!! :) Here's how we rounded out the month...

a trip with daddy to the sand park one cold saturday morning

the boys loved filling up their new dump trucks with sand

doing gymnastics at Taylor and Hudson's birthday party

i think they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

daddy helps lucas on the mini parallel bars

nice handstand!!!
we gotta work on his form! ;)

getting ready to try their new flashlights out in the dark
(notice the trucks had to come in the bathtub with them)

oooooooh...how fun!

loving the glow

bubble bath!

it's always a hit!

gotta get the mohawk pic!

and, of course, a trip to the merry-go-round with meme and papa while they were visiting for lucas' birthday

lucas has been carrying that mickey around since Christmas
(except mickey usually doesn't leave the house! well, i'm glad mickey got a ride on the merry-go-round too!!!)