Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Yes, you read that correct--I'm THAT far behind! So, now that I'm determined to get back on track with the blogging, get ready for the deluge of posts! Mario and I plan to take a little trip in a week, so my plan is to (almost!) get all caught up!

So, let it begin...

We had a fun time in Kansas City for Christmas, and we were lucky enough to have Mario's parents come all the way down to Texas for a little post-holiday visit! We had postponed having our Christmas gift exchange with them until they got here thinking we'd enjoy it more when we could do it around the kids' schedules.

We had a ball hanging out together...here are some of the highlights...oh, and did I mention, LOTS of pics?!?

The major project we commissioned Mario's dad to work with us on was the new lighting for the kitchen. It was a MAJOR task! I don't know how he does it, but he does it well--and Mario always learns quite a bit too!

Here's a BEFORE pic

Don't you just love the white ceiling fan? (wink, wink) It found a new home in our garage!

Here's the other BEFORE pic

I have never quite understood the fake "skylight". Real skylights are cool when you have lots of warm sunlight streaming in, but the fake ones just never look like the real deal. I guess someone thought it was a good idea. ;)

me and dad ready to eat!

our little Christmas tree

not sure what this box was from, but it provided entertainment for a week straight!
Anthony and Nonno watching airplanes on the computer

Nonno and the boys

little mischevious look

me and my sweet boy

being silly

Anthony loves riding in the baby swing

swinging with Nonno

such a big boy on his playset

handsome smile

examining the water hose

The night that Mario and I took Anthony to ICE! at the Gaylord, Nonno and Nonna treated Lucas to his first ever Whataburger!!!

He obviously LOVED it!

Wow! Look at the AFTER of these kitchen lights! I am loving the new look!

The lighting is MUCH more pleasant in here now--much softer; not as harsh!

me and sweet hubby Mar

the boys helping me cook

This is a glimpse into my normal life with two little ones, except that I usually don't have anyone taking pictures of it! Thanks, Ma!

Daddy and Anthony building an airplane


wrestle time with Dada!

some playtime at the mall

Audrey came over for a little gift exchange with Anthony

They are such sweet friends.

Anthony getting ready for our gift exchange with Mario's parents

Lucas got to open a couple before his nap

Anthony could have opened this one gift (chocolate coins) and played with it the rest of the day without opening anything else! Haha!

cute little outfit from Ma

pretty Ma--so happy!

Anthony trying out his new jacket...and his new potty seat!

Lucas in the box once again!

helping Daddy start a fire

sweet brothers

the fam

once again, the boys toss their toys aside in favor of the box! :)

"wow! this is fun!"

We saw some hot air balloons from our backyard!

Anthony still loves his thumb and his bunny

Nonna getting some snuggles in

look how big my babies are...weren't they just born not too long ago?!?


Daddy loving on Lucas

they love their daddy, oh yes they do!


Now, where did those boys go??? ;)

Anthony is off for an adventure with Nonno in the truck!

(I think this was the highlight of his time together with them!)

Me and Ma and Lucas stop for some LaHacienda after some shopping

riding his tricycle--so big!

climbing the tree

Daddy and Lucas

the whole gang--

my, how we loved spending so much time with you guys!

As you can see, we once again squeezed so much into our time together, but it sure was fun! Y'all are welcome back anytime!!!