Saturday, April 2, 2011

Snow Days

We had many days to play out in the snow in January. Here are some of our favorite pics... our frosty home

the backyard

the greenbelt beyond our fence

the alley behind the house
Daddy and Anthony having a ball

Anthony loved eating the snow

so handsome

"Hi, Mom!"

Yes, I stayed inside...someone has to be the photograper, right?!? ;)

the "full-body" experience

he didn't want to come inside!

I took Lucas out to play a couple days later when it had warmed up a bit and the sidewalks were clear.


"What could this be?"

Well, let's just say his first snow experience wasn't super-positive!

major meltdown--he wasn't expecting snow to be so darn cold!

At least we can all look back on this and laugh!

sweet snow bunny #1

sweet snow bunny #2

Life can't get much better than this!!!