Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lucas' First Birthday Party!

Mid January my parents (Meme and Papa) came down for Lucas' first birthday party. Aunt Mandy and cousin James made the trip as well! We were so excited they could all join us for Lucas' special day! We had lots of fun! We decided on a giraffe theme for Lucas' party since he is very attached to his giraffe lovey that Aunt Mandy got him before he was even born. Here are some photos of our time together...

Lucas, Anthony, and James getting cleaned up before the party

the decorations

the cute giraffe cake!

i guess word got out that we were going with giraffes because lots of plush giraffes made their appearance at the party

we already had the table set up for the cake, so we decided to do a Chick-Fil-A picnic on the kitchen floor--the kids loved it!!!

James is practicing his smile ;)
Lucas got so excited when he saw the balloons!

As soon as the celebration was over, the balloons came down, and all three boys loved playing with them. The big boys loved running around the house pulling the balloons behind them!

Big brother Anthony joining in the fun!

He loved wearing the party hat!

Daddy, Mommy, and the birthday boy!!!

Aunt Mandy and James ready for some cake

Lucas' first time eating cake

"Hmmmm....what do I do with this?"

"It sure looks tasty"

"Oh, yes...it IS tasty!"

James enjoyed his cake too, but he didn't get quite as messy as Lucas!

Daddy and Anthony having fun

All the presents lined up in a row...

(please excuse all the little smudgy fingerprints on the fireplace...I have no idea how those got there!) ;)

Lucas digs into his first gift

He enjoyed sitting with me and reading the cards

bonus! some cash in this one!!!

the famous "Lucas look"

pinching Papa's nose or going for the glasses--I can't tell which!

Anthony gets some snuggles from Papa too

our sweet family, January 2011

After the party, Mario got out his guitar and played for everyone, and the kids danced.

then Anthony put on a concert for us!

Anthony showing James his guitar (just like Dada)

Lucas and Daddy playing guitar

Just a cute short video of Lucas after his party.

I love how he puts his hand to his head when Mario says, "You're one year old now!"...like he just can't believe it! Well, we can't either, little Lucas! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!