Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ICE! 2010 at the Gaylord

Well, shortly after we got back in town from our Christmas in Kansas experience, we finally did make it to ICE! 2010 at the Gaylord Hotel. We left Lucas behind with Mario's parents and took Anthony to see the ice sculptures. All week we had been telling him we were going to see the "ice". Wonder what he was picturing in his mind, since the only ice he really knows of belongs in a glass of water!!!

pulling up to the Gaylord; he's so excited!

a little rainy outside, but we didn't mind
Anthony got to ride in his "backpack"...I can't believe he still fits in that thing!

some decorations inside the hotel...
the line was long and winding--we felt like we were waiting for a ride at Disney World!

a little preview movie explaining the history behind the ice sculptures and revealing the Charlie Brown theme for the year

all bundled up and ready to go in
they give you special parkas...it's 9 degrees in there!

these guys are made completely of ice! they flew in 40 artists from China to create these masterpieces!

mario made me stand in front of this one...should i take that personally? look at the scale of these sculptures!

LOVED the funky trees!

Mario and Anthony crawling through Snoopy's doghouse
(sorry for the bad picture quality...my hands were numb at this point!)

a beautiful ice nativity at the end!
the pictures don't do it justice at all!!!

an adorable train set in one of the hotel main areas

they had tons of these cute areas with different things to see and do

our family photo
Thanks for the fun, Gaylord Texan! Maybe we'll see you next year!!!