Friday, January 28, 2011

The Big, Fabulous 3-0???

Okay, so some of you may have noticed...well, no you probably didn't, but sandwiched in between Lucas' 11 month pics and Christmas should have been an AMAZING blog post on my birthday and turning the big 3-0 this year. Well, if you know me much at all, you probably know I'm not a "let's have a big party" kind of person. I love being with my family on my birthday.

So, we had planned to take the boys to ICE! 2010--at the Gaylord Resort. We got all dressed up and headed out the door and made the longish drive out there. Literally as we were about to turn into the parking lot, we hear a gurgling noise coming from the back seat. Mario and I looked at each other, both thinking, "well, that didn't sound good." I turned around and leaned over the seat to take a peak at Lucas, and lo and behold, the child is covered in throw-up...with a projectile-style design sprayed across the back seat for garnish! Needless to say, we pulled a u-turn and went home. Not exactly how I saw the birthday celebration going in my mind!

Lucas obviously needed a major clean-up when we got home. I tackled that while Mario tackled cleaning his car. And then the entire car seat cover needed to be removed and washed (after being sprayed down first!). While I finished up all these things, my sweet husband who couldn't bear to let my birthday end like this said, "I've gotta go get something...I'll be right back." I got Lucas in bed and changed my clothes. A few minutes later, Mario walked in the door with a fabulous dinner from Uncle Julio's (one of my favorites for Mexican). And to top it off, he had picked up some seriously delicious cheesecake (also one of my favs) from Bailey's. So, we had our own little private celebration at home. I guess this is where having parents nearby would've come in handy!

Anyway, my loving Mario still managed to make my birthday special. And I wouldn't trade these kids (throw-up or otherwise) for anything else in the world! I just don't have any pictures to show for my special day!!!

So, anyone else out there clean up throw-up on your birthday???

Oh, and by the way, we DID still manage to make it to ICE! 2010 a couple weeks later...just without Lucas this time! Blog post on that to follow!!!