Monday, December 7, 2009

Pumpking Carving!

We were kinda rushed at the last minute carving our pumpkin the day of Halloween (right before some friends showed up to go Trick-or Treating with us)!!! However, we didn't want Anthony to miss out now that he's old enough to enjoy the experience! So, we did a "fly by the seat of your pants" carving from a template I printed from the computer. The final result didn't really look that great in the daylight, but it did look kinda cute all lit up at night!

Sweet boy sitting with his pumpkin

Definitely warm enough for shorts and T-shirt!

"Wow! What's Daddy doing?"

Okay, for those who freak out about sharp objects (Mandy), the knife was nowhere close to his hand!!!

"Well, here goes nothing!"

"Hmmmm, this is interesting..."

"Whoa! What IS this stuff???"

Anthony "stirring" the pumpkin while Mommy collects the seeds (which by the way, never got toasted. They just sat in our fridge until I got tired of looking at them; then they got thrown out! Oh, the aspirations I have on my to-do list that never come to be!)

He definitely liked using the spoon better than using his hands!

The "not so cute" end result!

Hey, what do ya know...He's kinda cute!!!


Justin & Mandy Payne said...

UMMM OK... The knife is TOTALLY close to his hand!!! Mel, don't you remember that 911 with the KNIFE and the little BOY!!!! oh, the fear of it all. I panicked even before I read your caption. haha

ps.....LOVE the pumpkin carving. too cute!