Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

We had some friends join us for trick-or-treating this year...My friend Jenn from work, her fiance Joe, and her son Brody. Brody is 10 days younger than Anthony. Anthony wore his skeleton bones costume, and Brody was a shark. We all had so much fun, and the boys loved it!!!

Posing together before we left the house

Sitting in the wagon with our "frankenstein" pumpkins, ready to go

Anthony LOVED carrying his pumpkin around all night

He was such a big boy that he ran on ahead of Mommy

He wanted to do it all by himself
(I think this was the house that scared him! The hanging bats would shake and move when anyone walked by, and they had some creepy sounds and music.)

Pointing out all the pumpkins (or "papples" as he calls them...like "apple" with a "p"!)

Daddy letting Anthony ring the doorbell.

"Yay! We got some more candy!"

Loving on my Daddy

Brody waiting for Anthony in the wagon

Mommy letting me eat "nerds" for the first time!

Enjoying the "fruit" of our labor
What's the fun in going trick-or-treating if you can't eat the candy?!?

Just enjoying our friends


Mary Beth said...

Look how cute you are pregnant!! And, Anthony is JUST adorable!! I hope y'all are doing well