Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall Festival

We went to the Fall Festival at our church (Stonebriar Community Church) a little before Halloween. I don't know what I was expecting, exactly, but it didn't really go down as I had planned it out in my mind!!! (see pictures below)

Happy boy in his costume with his pumpkin
(desperately needing a haircut, I might add!)

Sweet baby

Anthony in the bounce house trying to get his friend Brody to come join him

Anthony was loving it! We were trying to "push" Brody in...he was somewhat reluctant

Anthony didn't really jump since there were so many big kids in there. But he enjoyed sitting and bouncing and watching!

This is me trying to console my crying baby after it was time for him to come out.
The rest of the evening consisted of one temper tantrum and meltdown after another!
Where did my sweet baby go?

I know you can only see one of my eyes in this picture, but this is me telling my sweet husband (without words) to put the stinkin' camera down and help me get this kid outta here!!!

There was alot to do, but there were soooooooo many kids running around that it was too overwhelming for Anthony. And most of them were big kids too--there wasn't much geared toward the "under 2" age group. We hit two bounce houses, and that was about all we managed before the craziness set in. In Anthony's defense, the entire festival was scheduled for right around his bedtime!

Oh well! Maybe next year will go a little more smoothly!!! (yeah, right...I'll have two by then! haha!!!)


Katie said...

I have a feeling next year will not go any smoother than that. And if that was his first major meltdown at something like that, you've done great with him so far!!! Good luck on that!