Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thanksgiving with the Mamminas--2013

Toward the end of November, Mario's parents drove down to spend some holiday time with us!

Our first stop upon their arrival?  Fuzzy's Taco Shop, per the kids' request--it's one of their favorites!
(mine too--I always get the shredded beef, aka the "brisket taco")

(love this crew)

Nonno was already getting lots of giggles from these two!  ;)

So excited for snuggles and stories with Nonna

After a Veggie Tales movie and a quick horsey ride, courtesy of Nonno, the boys are off to bed!

Anthony and Lucas can barely contain their excitement the next morning--they have known that once Nonno and Nonna arrive, it's Thanksgiving and "Christmas" all in the same week to celebrate!  We had a low-key day today because we'll be doing a lot of cooking tomorrow!

Mario's grandfather made this wooden truck for Mario when he was a little boy--Anthony LOVED it!

Daddy does some coloring with the boys while I make some homemade potato soup for supper.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
These two are back at their artwork before breakfast!

a little praise and worship to start off the day with a heart of gratitude for all our Savior has done for us

this boy loves playing the guitar

looks like we need to get this one a "big boy" version as well

Nonno and Mario get the turkey set up to smoke on the grill all day long

they pretend that babysitting a turkey is hard work!  ;)

all Anthony's friends get a ride on his new truck

Anthony is a big helper to his Daddy, working hard to stain our fence while Lucas naps.

I made this Delicious Dinner Rolls recipe, and boy they sure lived up to their name!
Love cooking with Ma!  Thanks for all your HARD work with me in the kitchen!

Holy Smokes!  (no pun intended)  The flavor of this smoked turkey was AMAZING!!!
I mean, LOOK at that thing!
Fantastic job, Dad!

Ta-Da!!!  Can you smell them?

Oh, and it's not Thanksgiving without homemade pumpkin pie!!!

What a super fun day of enjoying family, togetherness, and laughter...and a friend even joined us this year!
Mario is a client of Mario's--the boys got a kick out of that!!!  ;)

Our "Christmas" celebration is coming up...get ready for picture overload!