Saturday, June 7, 2014

LCA Kindergarten Christmas Party

In early December, Anthony's class held their annual Christmas party, including crafts, snacks, and a book exchange.  He had so much fun with his friends.

working on his reindeer craft next to best buddy Porter

great job, Anthony!  the reindeer will go on our Christmas tree!
(apparently the car wanted to be in the picture too!)

Lucas felt right at home in Anthony's class eating a GIANT cupcake

"um, i think you have a little icing on your face!"

chocolate--a boy after my own heart!

not sure who thought the red icing was a good idea!  ;)

Anthony's good friend Caleb is all smiles

after the sugar rush (because that's always the best timing) Mrs. Riggins (Price's mom) corrals the kids into a circle for their book exchange--which is pretty much like hot potato, except if you get stuck with a present you get to keep it.  they all got to keep one, of course!  ;)

anthony ended up with the book porter brought which was a super-hero action figures book--
he loves it!

well, the aftermath isn't pretty, but he sure had fun!
(this shirt most likely won't be handed down to little brother!)

Merry Christmas, Kindergarteners!