Saturday, June 7, 2014

Snow Days

On December 6, Dallas got hit with a HUGE ice storm!  The ice and snow were beautiful to look at, but they pretty much shut the city down!  Temps dropped well below freezing the night before, and hovered in the teens and low 20's throughout the day.  It was kinda fun to have an excuse to stay home and snuggle in front of a warm fire!  

in front of our house
the ice was so heavy on our front tree that it completely blocked our house, and the branches were touching the walkway!
many, many trees in our area split due to all the extra weight--thankfully ours did not!

the side of our house--beautiful to look at

the boys couldn't wait to get out and play in the "snow"

my two snow bunnies

daddy took them to explore.
i tagged along with my camera, but my fingers got numb so quickly I didn't stay out too long!

as i was getting this one dressed i realized he had outgrown his boots!  we had to make do with some thick, fuzzy socks and sneakers!  he didn't seem to mind, but his feet were soggy and numb when he got back home!

love #1

love #2

Well, it was an unusual week for Texas--especially considering we had a high of 77 two days ago!  But it sure provided some entertainment and a change of pace!  Maybe we should invest in a sled?!?  ;)