Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Pre-Christmas Fun

When we got back from Memphis, the holiday season was in full swing.  Here are some quick highlights of the first few weeks in December...

storytime with Ms. Clause at Anthony's school

a "family coloring" night

we all worked together to color these giant Cars pages

the finished masterpieces

my birthday...#32
we went to dinner at ghengis grill--
the boys call it the "gong" place--haha!
they do have a very family friendly atmosphere, and the boys do get to bang the gong on the way out--i'm sure the other customers LOVE it!  ;)

after dinner, we drove around to look at the Christmas lights
the boys loved the reindeer flying--they looked like they were flying over the street

i like the simple white lights the best

we had to stop and watch these robotic santas for a bit...
they were decked out in jerseys for all the dallas pro sports teams--the cowboys, the mavericks, the rangers, and the stars--and they were singing and dancing....hilarious!

we got home and got the kids to bed, and had a quiet dessert and gift time.
mar gave me cheesecake (LOVE!) and the promise to have the island countertop replaced when i can decide what i want!  haha!  yay!

santa gets to visit anthony's chapel at school...
his teachers are so kind--ms. jenna is on the left, and ms. lisa is on the right.
and his class is full of boys--12 of them!  (and 4 girls!)

We had so much fun in December!  It seemed like there was some new way to celebrate every day!