Saturday, February 16, 2013

December Birthdays in November

Just as the fun was winding down from our Thanksgiving celebration, we were on the go the next night in order to celebrate all the December birthdays.  Even though we do cram a lot into these weekends, it's worth it, because it sure is special to be able to celebrate with our family--particularly for us since we live far away from everyone and have to miss out on birthday celebrations sometimes.  My sis and brother-in-law, Michelle and Josh, invited us over to their new house for a party!  I was thrilled because our little family hadn't gotten to see their new place yet!

before we leave my parents' house, anthony tries to sneak in another snuggle with oscar

mario, josh, michelle, mom, and dad--
i love this family
it was right at dusk, so we used the opportunity to get some family snapshots on michelle and josh's front porch

meme and "her" boys  :)

me and sweet hubby

our little family

my special twin!!!
loooooooooove that we share a birthday every year!

mandy, justin, james, and reese

the four amigos--so sweet
i love reese's lime green accents--so fun

and our family photo which turned out extraordinarily easy to capture this time!
wow!  everyone is looking and smiling!  yay!

after we had gone inside, i saw all the kiddos congregated by the front door.  i went over to investigate and found...

...this little guy!
a sweet little stray cat who was enjoying all the attention

time for presents!!!

we celebrated my birthday and mandy's birthday...

...as well as my aunt cindy's birthday
we had lots of helpers with blowing out our candles

the kiddos got a little sleepy, so we let mickey mouse babysit them for a few minutes, but...

...they're not sleepy anymore!!!
the boys amazingly morphed into spiderman when they opened these new pjs from meme and papa.  here they are practicing their flying!  reese transformed into minnie mouse, and even though you can't see her cute pjs, she is working on her flying too!  ;)