Friday, February 22, 2013

Mystery Reader and The Real Christmas Story

Mid December, Anthony had some fun events going on at school.  I signed up to be a "Mystery Reader" for his class.  A different Mystery Reader is assigned every Thursday, and is a parent or grandparent of a student in the class.  I had to leave 5 clues about myself with Anthony's teachers, and they read the clues here and there throughout the day to build the anticipation of who it might be.  Hopefully by the time the teachers read the 5th clue, your child has an inkling that it might be you!  

My clues were...
1) I have blonde hair and blue eyes
2) I love to paint things
3) We always go looking at Christmas lights for my birthday
4) We love to laugh in our house
5) The angel ornament on our tree is my favorite

I read a book to the class called "Room for a Little One" by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Jason Cockroft.  The illustrations are absolutely beautiful!  The story is the description of the night of Jesus' birth as told from the perspective of the stable animals.  Here's the link...

I also made a little treat to give out to Anthony's class.  These didn't have anything to do with my story, but when I saw them online, they were too cute not to make!!!  

"reindeer noses"  :)
here's the link to the free printable bag topper i used...this girl is genius!

This same day was the day of Anthony's big Christmas concert at school.  It was entitled "The Real Christmas Story".

It was really cool because the program was streamed lived through their website, so our parents got to watch it from Tennessee and Illinois!

me and my little lucas ready to take some pics

even daddy made plans to be there!

my friend jen--
she has a little boy named caleb in anthony's class as well as one that's lucas' age

there's jen's other little one--seth
seth and lucas are trying to catch a glimpse of their big brothers from the balcony

anthony's class had been working very diligently to learn their songs

the 4 year old classes got to go up on the stage twice!
they were so proud!

we got so sad because anthony would not look up, and we were waving our hands from the balcony trying to get him to see us.  the little blondie to his right, eli, kept looking up and waving to his family who was sitting near us, but anthony never did.  we didn't want him to think we didn't come, so mario rushed down to the front row to snap this picture and to wave.  anthony grinned so big when he finally saw his daddy!  and his class did such a fantastic job!!!  a beautiful performance!!!
(and yes, that sweater is waaaaay too small, but he really, REALLY wanted to wear it for his special day because it has a TRAIN on it!!!  how could i possibly say no to that?!?)  haha!  ;)