Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Baby Turns Three!

Anthony turned 3 on March 4, 2011...I can hardly believe it! The time has gone by so quickly! Well, since we weren't celebrating his birthday for another week, we had a special present for him to open on his actual birthday and spent the day doing some fun things!

his birthday surprise...what could it be???

opening the package...just look at that grin!

wow! his very own lawnmower--just like daddy's!

Ever since I can remember, Anthony has loved to push things. He'd push carts, strollers, and buggies at church, friend's houses, etc. Our playgroup met at one of our friends' parents' houses who are on a lot of land. (I think I blogged about that before) When Anthony had pushed their play lawnmower the entire time we were there (a couple of hours), I knew I had to get him one as an outside toy. Ever since he opened this one, he's been helping his daddy cut the grass.

Can you tell how much he admires his daddy??? :)