Friday, May 6, 2011

Lucas Learns to Walk

Lucas has been working really hard to keep up with big brother Anthony these past few months! Here are some video clips of his learning to walk. He took his first steps at 11 months, but he still crawled more than he walked until about 14 months (March). As you can see in the last video, he run-walks now wherever he goes!

This first one is from mid January. He loved pushing the radio flyer while Anthony pushed his shopping cart. The radio flyer is great for beginner walkers because it is very heavy and sturdy and won't tip over...it's just impossible for little ones to move it once they bump into a wall and get stuck! Sorry about the video quality when we zoom in--it gets quite fuzzy.

The second video clip was taken mid-February. I know it looks like his head gets precariously close to bumping the fireplace hearth, but it really wasn't as close as it looks! I love how he does his little shuffle or sidestep to make it all the way to daddy! Gotta love that southern drawl when he says "ball"!

This last one was taken in early March. As you can see, he's pretty much got it down pat at this point. You can't really tell from this video clip, but Anthony has been "practicing" his walking too--every time we do it with Lucas! It's so funny to me how Lucas wants to be like Anthony, and then Anthony wants to be like Lucas!