Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anthony's First Gymnastics Class

At the end of February, we did a trial class with Anthony at The Little Gym to see how he would like it and if he would even be interested in taking some type of group class. He's always climbing and jumping and flipping around, so I figured a gymnastics class would be a good place to start. It was a really new experience for him, and I wasn't sure how he would do. He was in the 3 year old class (and this was right before his birthday, so technically he was still 2!). He attended the class all by himself--it was not a mommy & me class. So, I had to sit on the other side of the glass and watch. Let me just say that he did really, really well at listening to his teacher and following instructions! I was so proud! He had soooooooo much fun, and as soon as he walked out to me he asked if we could come back! We may do a trial class at a real gymnastics gym to see how they compare.

all ready to attend his first gymnastics class

here's where we went

his class and his teacher (who was fantastic with the kids, by the way)

he did quite a bit of thumb-sucking while he was figuring things out

i love how attentive he is in this picture!

(i'm not just being a bragging mommy, but i was watching all the other kids, most of whom are regular attenders of this class, and anthony was the best listener out of all of them!)

Some video clips I thought were cute...

Learning to follow directions by running and then "freezing" when the teacher stops

Anthony gets instruction on a forward roll down the cheese mat...I love his "ta-da" at the end!

They did a little bit of everything in the class...some "squat-ons" on a vault mat, chin-up pullovers at bars, walking one foot in front of the other on beam, some obstacle courses, and of course, lots of running around on the floor.

This video cracks me up. Anthony is trying first on these parallel bars to do it like the teacher told them (I think they were supposed to crab walk across). He's not quite getting it, so he tries another method, and then finally just runs through! Haha! See how happy he is, though? So fun!