Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Anthony had fun his very first time dying easter eggs! Notice the t-shirt change in the photos...Mommy wasn't thinking straight and had one of his nice shirts on when he started. And guess what--he got dye on his shirt--imagine that! Good thing it came out in the wash!

patiently waiting for the dye tablets to dissolve

say "hi mom"!!!

he was only allowed to "stir" the clear water all by himself
(a two year old, dye, and glass just don't mix!)


putting all the eggs in

wow! look at all the colors!

sweetie pie Lucas on Easter morning!
The picture turned out so dark, and it's the only one we got of him the whole day!

Anthony found some hidden easter eggs with treats in them!

Anthony's hidden easter basket

Yay! He found it!
It only took a little coaching!!!

"What's in the eggs??? Candy???"

Some playdough and other treats from Nonna were included!
Thanks, Nonna!