Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anthony Turns Two!

Well, we had quite an exciting week around here during the first week of March! Anthony's birthday was March 4th, and he turned two years old!!! In the wee hours of the morning on March 2nd, Anthony was pretty sick with the dreaded stomach bug!!! Nonna came in town later that day to help us over the weekend, and boy am I glad she did! What would we have done without her??? On his actual birthday, we were planning to take Anthony out and about to have a day of "all his favorite things". Anthony was still recovering, so we just stayed at home, but we were still planning to have his party over the weekend. (This is the same weekend of the wedding I was in--see below--but we were going to make it work!) Unfortunately I ended up with the stomach bug myself early Saturday morning, so we had to cancel the party too!!! What a mess!!! We finally celebrated his birthday a few days later, and still made it really fun! Our theme was "green balloons" since Anthony's favorite color is green right now.

decorating the cupcake cake right before the "party"

Anthony woke up from his nap to find his doorway full of streamers!

What fun!!!

Green balloons filled the house!
(well, okay, maybe just part of one room!)

lots of presents waiting to be opened

the party guests (minus Lucas) with the birthday boy
(all wearing green, of course!)

cupcake "balloons" flying away!

One big happy family!
Now if we could just get everyone feeling better!

sweet kisses from the birthday boy!
(in case anyone was wondering how Mommy contracted the dreaded stomach bug, here's a clue--I just can't help myself when it comes to my babies!!!)

Anthony "swiping" the $20 from Great Grandad in a crevice of the entry table
He does this also with the fake credit cards that come in the mail.
(I guess he's seen me do this a time or two!)

Relaxing in Lucas' bouncy seat after a "hard day" of celebrating
He's playing with his new cell phone from Aunt Cindy--
I think it was his favorite gift!

Happy Birthday, Anthony!

Enjoying his cupcake

Officially "two"


Justin & Mandy Payne said...

Melanie, I LOVE the cupcakes flying away! So cute. Wish we could have been there to celebrate!