Thursday, March 11, 2010

Aunt Michelle and Uncle Josh Visit

My little sis Michelle and her husband Josh came to visit us around Valentine's weekend. We had so much fun hanging out with them, and we even got a date night out of the deal! ;) I'm still getting used to them being married! (They've been married for about 7 months, but Josh has been a part of our family for a really long time!) They even got to experience our HUGE Texas snow!!! Thanks, guys, for making the trip to see us! It means so much!


Anthony about to venture in

Uncle Josh helping Anthony with his mitten...I think it fell off every 5 minutes while they were out there!

All bundled up
We borrowed a snowsuit a few months ago from our friends the Kims...I guess it's more of a bunting suit (not waterproof, but really warm). I laughed at Kristin when she suggested we take it home "just in case". Well, sure enough, "just in case" happened in the form of several feet of snow! Imagine that!

Uncle Josh and Anthony showing off the base of their snowman

Big helper Anthony

How do you resist a face like that???

Daddy comes out to join the fun!

Well, Mr. Snowman wasn't perfect, but at least they can say they built one!

The front of our street

Out back in the grove

Our alleyway...the tree limbs were so heavy and weighted down

Uncle Josh feeds Anthony dinner while Mommy and Daddy are out

Aunt Michelle loving on Lucas

Here's a little clip of Anthony waking up the morning of the big snow. It wasn't the best reaction in the world (we thought it would be better), but he's still pretty cute nonetheless!