Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Aunt Mandy and James Visit!

My twin sister Mandy and her sweet 8 month old baby James came to visit and to meet Lucas! We had so much fun hanging out. They live in Memphis, and whenever we talk on the phone in the mornings, we always say how we wish we lived near each other so we could enjoy a morning cup of coffee and sisterly chat together! Well, needless to say, with these three little ones, that never exactly happened while she was here! We just had a goal for both of us to eat lunch by 2 o'clock!!! (That didn't happen on some days, either!!! Haha!). We didn't manage to get any pictures of us together, but we got lots of the sweet boys! When are we going to get some little girl babies in this family??? ;)

sweet cousins hanging out in their pj's

Anthony (with his goofy grin) and Lucas

Anthony was being such a ham for the camera that we had to protect Lucas from his flailing arms!!!

Mario with nephew James

Anthony showing James how to do puzzles

Anthony "reading" James a story

sweet smiles!!!

James showing off his love for his aunt!

Aunt Melanie with nephew James

James looking so cute!
He recently started crawling, and he was really getting around fast while they were here!

Playing together so well!

Making plans to start a rock band

In their coordinating gymboree outfits

Sweet cousin hugs

Bubble bath mohawks!
(I guess you can tell Anthony has a little more hair than James!!!)

Thanks for making the trip down to see us, and thanks for all your help, Aunt Mandy!!! We are looking forward to many more fun times together soon!!!