Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Blooms at the Arboretum

We visited the Dallas Arboretum with some friends a couple of weeks ago and spent the whole day there. It's a huge area (60+acres) of botanical gardens and fountains. This was Anthony's second trip here--we also went during the fall. But this time he was old enough to enjoy it a little more. During the "Spring Blooms" they have thousands of tulips planted--it is sooo beautiful! We just couldn't get over the vibrant colors! The above picture is the very first one I took that day...I guess I could've just stopped there because it ended up being the best one! Haha!

Our friend Evan showing Anthony the flowers

Anthony stood up to reach for a flower! I tried to catch it on camera, but he was already on his way back down!!!

Anthony was all over the place! I had a hard time getting him to sit still for pictures, so I resorted to singing our "clap your hands" song. He turned right toward me, smiled, and clapped his hands. Too bad I didn't capture very many flowers!

Doing what he loves best--digging in the dirt

"Look, Mom! I found a petal!"

All tuckered out after a busy day outdoors!

Here's Anthony digging in the dirt around the tulips. I'm glad that during this stage in life, fun comes cheap!!! And, yes, I had to do some digging of my own when we got home to get all the dirt out from his diaper!!!


Lindsey said...

I love the latest pics of Anthony-so cute! Please text me your number-Bryce sank my phone-litterally in water, so I'm slowly getting my numbers back! Hope to see y'all soon at church! We went Sunday to 9:30 service!
Have a great week!
Lindsey :)