Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Easter!!! (a few weeks late!)

We had a wonderful time visiting our family in Memphis over Easter. Here are a couple of shots before we left for church Sunday morning...

Anthony posing with his Easter basket on the stairs (where his mommy used to pose)

He loves his singing Easter bunny--He sings "Jesus Loves Me"

"What else is in here?"

"This blue grass is fun!" (aka making a mess)

Sitting with Mommy (and NO, for those of you wondering, I'm not wearing white pantyhose--my legs are really that white!!!)

Daddy helping Anthony put his shoes on

And of course, we needed a diaper change right before leaving the house!!!
(didn't know Daddy was taking this pic, but it's classic)
Hope you had a wonderful Easter everyone!!!


Todd, Jenn, Sam and Herculez said...

Sam got a pink bunny just like that