Monday, April 6, 2009

Bear Bear

Anthony loves his Bear Bear. Bear Bear was a gift to Mommy from Grama before Anthony was even born. He wrestles with it, hugs it, rolls off it, and cuddles it. It's like his little (big) friend. Every time after I change his diaper, Anthony loves to be plopped down on Bear Bear. And whenever we go hang out in his room, he always crawls over to Bear Bear to give him a couple of good whacks! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy. (He "found" a pacifier somewhere in his room before I took these pics...we don't use it in the daytime anymore and have started weaning him from it for naps as well.) I love the video at the bottom...it cracks me up every time. One day I discovered Anthony was "missing" and found him all by himself just hanging out with Bear Bear. I grabbed my camera to document it, but he saw me peeking around the corner! And, yes, that's my green calculator he's playing with too! I keep it in my diaper bag for when I make my CVS runs...Mommy is so cool!!!