Saturday, March 21, 2009

12 Month Checkup Stats

Here's a quick run down of our 12 month checkup for all those interested...

Weight: 17 pounds, 1 ounce (less than 3rd percentile)

Length: 29 1/4 inches (40th percentile)

Well, it officially happened--Anthony fell off the bottom of the growth chart for weight:) Yes, we pretty much expected that to happen. We aren't concerned, and neither is Dr. Goebel--he's otherwise progressing very normally. I forgot to pay attention to where he is developmentally, but he's right on track. Maybe I'll take a peek at his chart next time I'm at the office! It may be awhile before we get to turn his carseat around to face the front. Oh well...he doesn't seem to mind too much--he doesn't know any different. And it's safer that way too!!!

This is such a fun age!!! Everything is so new and exciting for Anthony. He's not interested in walking yet, although we have caught him a couple of times standing by himself. He definitely doesn't realize he's doing it though! He loves music and loves to dance, and he will shake his head to any tune I can come up with! He'll make a monkey sound on demand, complete with monkey face! He will even hug his stuffed animals when asked--how cute is that? I've only seen him do it with Bear-Bear and George.

He's interested in talking, although we have yet to hear that first word. Plenty of babbling going on, but he hasn't quite made the connection that each object has a name. I can see those wheels turning, and he'll get there soon enough. He transitioned from nursing to whole milk extremely easily, basically weaning himself 3 days before his birthday. We still nurse in the morning, as that's always been his favorite one (Mommy's too!)

He's a very loving, very obedient, rough and tumble little boy now. This first year has been amazing...I can't wait to see where the next one takes us!