Sunday, March 22, 2009

Great-Grama and Great-Grampa Visit

We really enjoyed our visit with Grama and Grampa (Anthony's Great-Grama and Great-Grampa)!!! They drove all the way from Olathe, KS to come stay with us for the weekend!

We had so much fun!!! The boys did lots of projects around the house--Grampa even magically fixed the water dispenser on the fridge!!! Grama and I went shopping for Anthony's birthday and some groceries. We had some great food--the boys grilled out for us! And we even had some time of singing and worship when Mario played his guitar one evening. Anthony really warmed up to them--I think he enjoyed their visit too!

the boys hanging out in the backyard

Well, I can't believe I only took one picture the whole time they were here!!! How sad! Grama and Grampa, if you have any more pictures of the weekend, please send them to us! Thanks again for coming...we love you!


Lindsey said...

Glad yo uall had fun with your relatives! We have been so busy with Kyle's baseball. We hope to join you all at church again soon at the Titus class! Hope you are doing great! I'm finally showing..a little..we'll find out next month if we're having a boy or girl! Talk soon!:)