Monday, September 2, 2013

Watersound Day 6

Day 6 of our vacation was our only rainy day of the entire week.  We had planned on going back out to the beach, but because of the weather we weren't so sure...

cousins at breakfast

some morning play time in the beach house

no one can turn down playing monster trucks with papa!!!

there was no swimming allowed due to the strong currents, but it was only sprinkling...

and the big waves and high tide had created all sorts of little pools and streams along the beach

we decided to all go check it out...
there was even a slight chill in the air because of the drizzle and lack of sun

love getting my hands on sweet reese

my handsome hubby

so, it turned out to be quite an adventure!
with all the splashing, digging, jumping, and wading...

...i think this ended up being one of the kids' favorite days!
look at how busy they are!!!

lucas was pretending he was a super hero...
or is that a flynn rider move???

they ran all over the beach with mario

we scoped out the place looking for treasures

lucas did some relaxing in one of the mini pools

and reese did some posing in one of the mini pools
(SUCH a cutie--always hamming it up!)

the young grown-ups went down to wade in the water while meme and papa kept an eye on the children

anthony was on the hunt for some shells or some sea creatures

lucas is STILL running!!!

and, yes, we found some rather large sea creatures!
the kids were quite interested in this guy

phew!  with all that hard playing, these kiddos were getting hungry!
time for a snack break!!!
we decided to head back to the beach house for some lunch and some down time

anthony is all cleaned up and looking oh, so handsome!

he thought this ship's rudder was pretty cool

anthony playing his mobigo out on the balcony

lucas enjoys another snack and some mobigo time on the balcony too

james comes out to observe what anthony is up to--
these cousins love hanging out!

here is a quick snapshot of the balcony seating area
(there was also a dining table out here)
this one overlooked the front of the house

this was the covered porch in the back of the house with ping pong table and fireplace

and one more little seating area in the backyard that we mainly used for drying our wet towels!!!

this picture may have been from the day before, but it cracked us up, so i couldn't leave it out...
anthony and lucas are big into "reading" street signs such as "road work ahead" and "watch for ice on bridge".  as we drove past this street sign, lucas yelled from the back seat, "look mom!  watch out for spiders!)   i'll make sure to keep my eyes open!!!  ;)

sweet picture of the boys and mario at bedtime reading a Bible story--
what a fun and tiring day!!!