Friday, September 20, 2013

Adventures in Legoland

Toward the end of June, our friends the Wycoffs invited our family to join them on an adventure to Legoland to celebrate their son Caleb's 5th birthday.  The boys were so excited!!!

Lucas, Anthony, Caleb, and Seth see Legoland in the distance


"Professor Brick-a Brack" gave the kids a tour of the lego factory so they could see how legos are made

the boys wait excitedly for a ride on one of the attractions

The Kingdom Quest Laser Ride

We had to use our laser guns to shoot the bad guys and rescue the princess--the boys loved it!

Seth and Anthony play at the Earthquake Tables--they built buildings on the plates then pushed a button to start an earthquake to see if their creations were strong enough to withstand all the shaking.

Lucas and his tower

they could build all kinds of  race cars at this station...

...and then race them on the speed track

Mario helped Lucas race his car down a steep hill

wow!  they zoomed down fast and got destroyed with a crash at the bottom!!!

Seth and his dad Joe give it a try...

I think the dads had just as much fun as the boys

"go, car, go!"

they built for a little while in the duplo village

It was SUCH a fun day!

the bigger boys got to drive these cool lego vehicles

ready to go!

caleb zooms around the corner

the workers told the kids to raise their hand if they got stuck--
here's anthony's distress signal  ;)

the boys thought these mini-lands were pretty cool...
they hung out here for a bit while we waited for the 4D movie to begin

all smiles here!

they loved how all the exhibits were interactive--
pushing buttons, pulling levers, etc--SUCH a big deal to the 5 and under crowd!

the big D--lego style!

they had some hands on video games in the gift shop

what a fun time with friends!
Happy birthday, Caleb!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!