Saturday, January 5, 2013

November in a Nutshell

Random pictures of our fun in November...

playing dress up at friend Audrey's house

audrey's dress up clothes are a little different than ours!!!

at least the fairy wings are blue, right?

these two are such great friends!

my sweet hubby and cutie boys on their most recent hike

i love these handsome hunks

silly faces are quite common in pics these days

God bless America
we love our country, and we love how we have a God who is in control

Anthony gets to wear his "spirit shirt" to class the first tuesday of every month

of course, my little Lucas wants to wear his green shirt too!!!

i cannot believe how much more i love these two with every passing day!!!

they are growing up too fast!

lucas makes his pb&j for lunch while anthony is at school
love all the concentration--
sticking that tongue out really does help!

so proud!


it was a beautiful day, so we decided to do a picnic lunch up in the fort

oh, and lucas spilled the beans about one of daddy's christmas presents, so we let him open it early!

it's a brand new samsonite suitcase!
(his old suitcase was literally falling apart!)
it worked out very conveniently since he had two trips this month!
merry (early) christmas, honey!